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DDL Products

RORC v.3.2

Read-out Receiver Card


RORCv3 is a DDL Read-Out Receiver Card designed for use in the data acquisition (DAQ) system of the ALICE experiment. (A. k. a. D-RORC). However, it has standard interfaces and can be used in other data acquisition systems as well.

It recieves data from two DDL SIU cards through duplex optical cables, and writes it (with DMA) to the computer memory via the PCI Express bus.


  • 2.125 Gb/s optical data transmission
  • Complies with CERN proprietary Detector Data Links (DDL)
  • 206 MB/s maximum sustained bandwidth per channel
  • 412 MB/s maximum data throughput

DDL Features

  • 2 DDL channels with integrated full duplex 32-bit DIU interfaces
  • Instant-on (automatic link synchronization and management)
  • Supports remote control and firmware upgrades of the front-end system
  • Bit error rate << 10-12, very high error detection rate, CRC on data blocks


  • User replaceable Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) optical transceivers
  • Duplex LC optical connectors
  • x4, Gen1 PCI Express interfacee
  • Compatible with: DDL SIU, RORCv2, RORCv3