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Event Detection Intelligent Camera


EDICAM (Event Detection Intelligent Camera) is a high-speed digital camera developed by Wigner RCP, Cerntech Ltd., Adimtech Ltd., and ProDSP, Ltd. for diagnostic applications in the field of plasma physics. It can detect and process events autonomously, and has several intelligent, adaptive control functions, like speeding up frame rate on the image regions of interest. Cerntech has developed the electronic hardware components of EDICAM including sensor control and read-out, 10 Gb/s optical link, and clock and trigger interfaces.  

EDICAM is available from Adimtech, Ltd.

Imaging Performances

  • Optical range: visible and infrared range
  • 1.3 Mpixel resolution, LUPA-1300 CMOS sensor
  • 12-bit sampling, @40 MS/s
  • High frame rate: 440 frame/s @1280x1024 pixels, 10 0000 frame/s @32x32 pixels

Camera Features

  • ROI readout and exposure cycles are decoupled, several different ROI readouts simultaneously
  • Built-in image processing
  • Data directly transferred to PC memory
  • Magnetic field resistance up to 3 T


  • Accepts Nikon F-Mount lenses
  • Single, proprietary 10 Gb/s optical link
  • User replaceable XFP optical transceivers
  • EDICAM Receiver built around an x8, Gen1 PCI Express ALTERA FPGA board
  • DC-isolated external clock & trigger I/O-s 
  • Single power supply


EDICAM products are directly available from our partners: